A Reality knock from Detective Conan

March 18, 2013 10:24pm CST
Just when I'm about to finish another Detective Conan's episode. Hattori Heiji, another high school detective said "Humans are creatures full of suspicion and jealousy. When people see something perfect, they try to look for flaws". I agree to that. Though there's no such thing as perfect, but if you think of it, when you see someone pretty or handsome, you begin to find whatever flaw they have until you find something. You may found out that her hair has split ends or that his toes doesn't fit. Why do people find mistakes to someone who's trying? Why can't we just be happy for them and give what is due to them? Maybe because we are waiting for our turn to also be appreciated.
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• South Africa
20 Mar 13
Well to start with what is perfect? Its like asking what is beauty. Short answer is that there is Bo perfect anything. Perfect is what you as an individual think it is.
@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
19 Mar 13
Hi there Irahness! Welcome to Mylot! I think it is pretty funny that sometimes, we get morals that are suitable for our current situations as adults from TV shows that are meant for young people. I have gotten some words of wisdom to live by from other shows such as Doraemon and Princess Sarah. It is best that we learn this when we are still young but in this particular case, there might be some other reasons why people behave like that. Some people get jaded and frustrated because sometimes, they think of somebody as perfect, they admire them, adore them, put them up the pedestal only to learn in the end that those people they idolize are not as perfect as they seem. Generally, we just need to admit the fact the all humans are not perfect. But, we should also bear in mind that we are also human, not perfect as well. It is actually love that makes us accept and value even the imperfections of other people.