The girl talked to the young man

March 20, 2013 8:49pm CST
To lear more about the discussion,please read the discussion posted before. The young man stayed alone in his dormitury,thinking about the meeting with the girl on the bus.He could not tell but he could sense his heart was beating for something.He asked himself why he was a little nervous when he saw the girl on the bus.But at last,he told himself,there was nothing and there would be no development of their story. After thinking about this,he had a good sleep,and had a good dream.The next morning,everything was just like that of ordinary days.People were busy walking in the street for their dreams and busy life,among whom he was waiting for the early bus to go to work. He didn't meet the girl on the bus.And it made him a little disappointed,but the disappointment disappeared quickly,because there would be a lot of affairs waiting him in his office. Soon it was time for lunch,and most of the colleages went out for their break and delicious lunch,leaving the young man writing something.At about twelve o'clock,he finished his work,and stretched his tired arms and wrist.He decided to have his lunch at the restaurant. There were always so many people in the restaurant in the street.He was sitting on his seat,waiting for his food,when he found the girl came into the restaurant.Yes,it was the girl who lost the wallet and brought him some thinking,some tensions,and some depression.He shaked his head,and asked himself,"Am I mad for a strange girl?" What happened brought him some happiness.The girl had no other seats because there were too many people in the restaurant,and she sat just before the young man. The man felt his heart was beating fast and his face was a little hot. Before he decided to do something,the beautiful girl asked him,"Did you look at me on the bus yesterday afternoon?" Guys,do you have some wonderful imaginations to continue the romantic strry?What will happen to the young man and the beautiful girl.Please share your stories!
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21 Mar 13
Girls and women are strange creatures, they have SENSE about them , they know when you are looking at them even if they don't see you doing it. So what is happening is a type of mental telepathy, so you must be tuned in to each other. I think you should get acquainted, something might come of it.
@zearah (5381)
• Philippines
21 Mar 13
It could be a love story next or just a mere infatuation on the guy's part.Happy story if there will be a mutual feeling of attraction between the two of them.What do you think?