Extremely Unreliable People

United States
March 23, 2013 12:03pm CST
I know several people who make promises that they NEVER intended to keep. People who say things they think their significant other, family and friends want to hear without ever following thru! No one needs anyone like that around them. It is those same people that also hold others back and want them to fail in everything! Reality check: The only people who people need to be around are those who support them and those who will help them. Not those who talk just to hear their own voice! Why say anything when people love to lie and do not care who they hurt and keep hurting? Like they say, if you can't say anything nice. When I was homeless, I trusted and believed my ex and hoped that he would keep his word about getting us off the street and into our own place. A couple years went by with my still being homeless and falling for his lie again! I had to disappear in order to get into my own place. My ex was bad for me in that he made promises and said what he thought I wanted to hear. He was offered several jobs and never took one continuing to beg daily. I never ever wanted to live that way. You cannot support yourself or anyone else let alone put a roof over your head by begging everyday. For those who love making promises they know they will never keep, think long and hard before you make any promise and also about the situation your in. If you make any kind of promise, can you keep it or will you stop lying and come clean and let the person know you will never keep your word and for them to move on?
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@doroffee (4222)
• Hungary
23 Mar 13
I hate people like that. I don't even know why they do this. Do they enjoy decieving others? Are they cowards to tell no? What is it? I hate people who just keep promising things, and then don't even care about keeping their promises...
@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
23 Mar 13
Well i know there are so many unreliable people around but we should never allow them to take control over our mind as they would always tend to manipulate us. So we should never pay attention to such people and should leave them as it is in their lives. our motto should always be to spread love and do good work for others.