Father kills son and then himself

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
March 25, 2013 5:54am CST
I just don't understand what is going on in our world. This father was in a custody battle with his wife. They had an arranged meeting at his mothers house when the couple began to argue. He pulled out a gun shot her in the leg and arm then shot his 2 year old son. She tried to get her son and he shot her in the face. He even shot at his mother who tried to help. Then he drove away and later shot himself. I don't care how sick you are how can you shoot your own child? It just breaks my heart when I read this kind of thing in the news. I don't get why so many are turning to guns for the answer. Do people get these guns with that thought in mind or do they just have them around and one day say hey I think I will take it with me on my visit with my child? I just don't get it at all. What a tragic thing to have happen.
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@kprofgames (3097)
• United States
26 Mar 13
Sometimes people are so caught up in fighting amoung themselves during a divorce that they don't see the potential of how dangerous the ex spouse can be. The 'oh he/she would never do that'. At one time I thought the restraining orders were handed out too freely. If two people can't be civil then a child exchange should never happen in any one person's home, it should be on neutral ground. Here they have started parenting classes and even in some cases counseling of both parents before any child visitation can happen. Then the red flags can be spotted and if need be the court will step in on any one parent during their visitation. People separate for a reason. If a person wasn't stable when you were living with them, not living with them doesn't make them any different.
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
25 Mar 13
It happens many times in my country and I don't think it's different in other countries. Worldwide this happens since ages. In many cultures daughters are killed because the father says she brought shame over the family (for example if she is abused or raped), same with brothers who kill their sister(s) or mother. Men kill children if they think they can't win it, to punish their (ex) wife or with the idea: if I can't have them ... in many cases it's not even about them wanting to take care of the children. It has way more to do with their ego! As a man you are a big loser if you do not win the battle. Also: men are agressive against the others or upon others, women blame themselves first so are violent against themselves.
• Indonesia
25 Mar 13
Oh my God, this thing is one of the worst thing i have ever heard! Its like, whats wrong with people nowdays, doing that kind of thing??? I bet he got a mental problem, he had depression, because there is NO sane and normal person will shoot his own son and wife!
@bingskee (5234)
• Philippines
25 Mar 13
a lot of tragic news everyday that at times, you would not listen and watch tv anymore. that was a very morbid scenario. what goes on in the mind of a deranged person is always unfathomable. i just feel sad for the poor mom and the little child.
• Philippines
25 Mar 13
That is awful. There should be a reason, though. I'm sure no one will kill a person for no reason at all. I even thought that the late wrestling superstar Chris Benoit had no specific reason for killing his family and himself. Turned out to be some family problems that escalated to a degree that caused Chris to lose his grip. Of course, his steroid intake also contributed to the killings.
• Philippines
25 Mar 13
That's what we called lost control complete insanity, a product of a very big problem accumulated for so long a time. Pity for them insanity is common in too weak people and also to those who are over confident with less respect of moral values.