My mother had a toothache.

March 25, 2013 7:51pm CST
We don't consider it as an illness,but it makes us sleepless.Last weekend,when I returned home,I found my mother hadn't finished dinner yet though it was already seven in the evening.I asked her what had happened,and she told me nothing wrong had happened,but she had a toothache. So I took her to the nearest hospital.It was a small hospital,and there was only one doctor on duty in the office.The doctor checked my mother for a while,and told us that there was nothing serious with my mother.She told my mother to have a good sleep,and drink more water,and the ache would disappear soon. So we returned home together.Both my mother and I didn't have a good sleep.I asked her whether we should go to another hospital in the city,and she refused,and said,it was not an illness. Guys,how do you think about toothache?Is it a kind of illness?
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@alpha9180 (301)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 13
It is ideal that you bring her to a dentist and have it checked properly. Usually when one has toothache, the dentist will not extract it. Your mother may be given some medication to subside the pain then the dentist will advise whether to extract it or taking other measure...Toothache is not a comfortable thing. It makes one not able to eat, to rest and sleep. So, it is better to have it attended to as soon as possible.
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@williamjisir (22820)
• China
1 May 13
It is the saying we often hear that it is not considered to be a kind of illness to have a toothache, but it aches, it is unbearable to anyone who has a toothache. I used to have a toothache and now this tooth is no longer useful because it has a big hole on the inside part. I let it be till it can be pulled out. I have not been to a dentist yet so far. Now it is not painful. The only problem is that I cannot use the right side of my mouth to chew food because of that special tooth.
@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
1 Apr 13
Hi there! I think that it is something that needs professional attention since, you're right. Some may not consider it as an illness but it affects our work. In your mom's case, it would have helped if she was given something for the pain at least, so that she can go on with her daily routine and have a good night sleep instead of struggling with her toothache. It's hard to do something when you have a toothache much more have a good night sleep. I would suggest that you take her to the dentist.
@Rainegurl (2156)
• Philippines
26 Mar 13
It can be a mere toothache but it can affect the whole body. I think it would have been best to just take mefenamic acid and try to sleep until you can go to the dentist. The dentist is best person who can help us with toothache. I hope your mother is okay now.
• Philippines
26 Mar 13
Toothache may not be a disease itself,rather it is a symptom of dental problems like dental carries and gingivitis.Besides,toothache is the worst pain you can ever feel that it can affect almost everything.You can't eat,you can't sleep,you can't work because you can't concentrate,that mostly patients will go to a dental clinic and ask the dentist to pull their their teeth out even it's not necessary just to relieve the pain. The best way to deal with " toothaches is to prevent it.We should have good oral hygiene,that includes brushing the teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day,using mouthwashes and floss,and periodic visits to your dentist for check-up,to look for cavities and professional dental cleaning. It's better to bring your mother to the dentist immediately to know the cause of her dental problem and prompt treatmen't.
• India
31 Mar 13
a dentist will properly understand if she has tootache or if that is something else... I do not understand how the one has said she does not have teeth problem while she has tootache.... was not any other reason if your mother was depress of something and could not take her dinner and was not able to share her feeling? I hope that she is fine now..
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
26 Mar 13
You should have given her a pain killer for that. Mefenamic Acid is usually the recommended pill for toothaches. Your mom should be fine in a few minutes. But if the pain persists, take another pill after 6 hours. She must have caries in her tooth. Let her visit the dentists as soon as the pain goes away. It cannot be treated unless it is pain-free.
@natliegleb (5175)
• India
26 Mar 13
that is quite bad and it is kind of illness and if you dont treat early the teeth will get affected very soon,so make sure you get a proper checkup done
@BabyCheetah (1911)
• Australia
26 Mar 13
Toothaches can be caused by say food being stuck in the gums, gum disease or gingivitis as well. I'm not good when it comes to teeth so first thing I'd say is get her to brush and floss and mouthwash thoroughly and if it still persists get to the dentist. If there is an infection antibiotics will help with that. My mum just went to the dentist with a toothache, she thought she'd need a root canal but her teeth were too far gone so they pulled 2 out. My mum should have taken better care of them
@mawee79 (403)
• Italy
26 Mar 13
Luckily I've never had toothache.. I'm so lucky, although I didn't go to the dentist for 10 years.. Just luck. But I bet it's horrible..