are you still earning in profitclicking?

March 27, 2013 8:52pm CST
I'm thinking of investing my money in profit clicking.. I'd like to know if you guys are still earning in profitclicking. I'm trying to log in today but it seems the site is having a problem. please give me some update if you know something about it. thanks
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• United States
28 Mar 13
Yes I am still earning with them. I make about $6.80/day through the week and $3.40/day during the weekend. Have you already used the free $10 that they give you when you first join? If not that can be your starting point for trying out the system. If you want a suggestion, build up your reserve. In order to earn commisions you have to surf 3 sites in the traffic exchange everyday; if you build up your reserve and watch in an excess of 3 sites then that reserve will be used for days that you don't log in and surf. Upgrading really doesn't do much, you are able to buy PC Panels when you upgrade but you don't get those free ones (at least I didn't).
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29 Mar 13
well good for you. I became a member of it long ago when the name of it was still just been paid. I used my free $10 but now I only have $5 in my account which of course I cannot withdraw because of the minimum withdrawal. I've read from the comments below that some members were not getting paid. It discourages me a lot to see bad comments from a site. So I think I'd rather find another investment site where my money is safe. thanks
@menulis (468)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 13
be carefull, many members do not been paid by them. Mostly are banned without a clear reason. Read forum or hyip monitor first before you investing your money
29 Mar 13
thanks your comment made me realized that it's not a good site to put my investment. even hyip monitor cannot be trusted as it can be manipulated too as far as I know. and considering that the hyip monitor are fair, all hyips sites can turn into scam one day and the worst thing is there is no signal when would that be. so, I'm fully aware of this we should know the right time to invest, when to withdraw our funds. but even this strategy may not saved us from the risk of loosing our investment.