beauty attractiveness

United States
March 30, 2013 8:58pm CST
I believe most people find their partners attractive or sexy, not because they actually are, but because of the way that person makes them feel.
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• United States
31 Mar 13
I think there's a little bit of both. You can be attractive to a person's nature, spirit, personality, etc. for sure. But there has to be some measure of physical attractiveness as well. If they are beautiful inside that can definitely make them more appealing outside.
@doroffee (4226)
• Hungary
31 Mar 13
I agree. But there should be an immediate physical attraction, too. I find my partner really sexy and good-looking, and I'm sure he's not everbody's type, because he's not of the media ideal (he doesn't have abs and hard chest and stuff like that, but that I don't even like)... and he gets more and more handsome for me as I love him more.
• Indonesia
31 Mar 13
I am not actually believe in we attracted full to personality or something like that. There is differences between male and female about what they are attracted more. Male more to be visual and logic, and female more to be emotion. So female can attracted to something like personality more than looks. But is not as common in male. But again phisical attractiveness or beauty is subjective, you can say that girl is beautiful but i might think shes ugly, and vice versa.
@hsofyan (3447)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
31 Mar 13
Inner beauty is a theory. It is a fact if people are always improve performance. Is the fact that the appearance is the first appeal. The truth is to improve both.
• Philippines
31 Mar 13
My husband always tells me how beautiful and sexy I am although I know for a fact that there are more girls out there who are more prettier than I am and I like it every time he commends me because it boosts my confidence and it makes me feel that he loves me so much and I am the only girl he would love.
• India
31 Mar 13
very true my frnd. Its the feelings inside ur heart for him or her that make things luk different. When u love truly smone he luks to you the most handsome or pretiest person on earth. As is said..Its not the beauty of person or thing that matters bt the beauty lies in the eyes of person luking at it
@Jonda8 (1)
• United States
31 Mar 13
I have a new boyfriend that i'm not attracted to physically or mentally. He's a great person and very sweet just not my type. But I hope to make it work, he treats me and my children great! So I guess there can be a disconnect between attraction and the way a person makes you feel.He's educated and has a lot going on for himself. If I was still in my early twenties I'd probably dump him. But being in my early thirties I'm trying to hold on!