what is love for you?

March 30, 2013 10:09pm CST
i think love is the success of life
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@mythociate (20866)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1 Apr 13
Love is everything flowing to the abundance of Our Father's kingdom. When I say 'I love you,' what I'm saying is "you are an a$$et to Our Father's kingdom ..." The "human" in me wants to follow that '...' with 'IF you "behave according to plan" (and go to BibleGateway.com to see if you can find out what your part of the plan is),' but that's more "following religion" than "following G*d."
@Yunara (12)
• United States
31 Mar 13
Love is the knowing that there is something so much greater than yourself. This feeling you can find it everywhere. You can step outside at night and look up towards the sky and see the grandeur of the sky and how you are just but a speck in the universe. You feel it as you watch two small kids holding hands. As a woman cries in pain for her child. Love is everywhere. Love is greater than us. It isn't exclusive to lovers, or family. Love is in life and it's just matter for us to see it.
@doroffee (4224)
• Hungary
31 Mar 13
For me, love is really important. It's an unimaginarily strong bond which connects me to my love, my meaning of life, my significant other.
• Philippines
31 Mar 13
Love for me is when you do things unconditionally to a person. When you give you do not expect anything in return. When you love it does not matter if you will be love less than the love you give. And, love should not be bias or prejudice.
• China
31 Mar 13
in my heart,for my family,love means every member can get happiness forever and get along with each other.For me,there will be a person can give me a warm hug and a reality promising.different people have different definition to love.May every one can get their ideal love.