Daytrading? + rating to anyone who responds!

United States
November 22, 2006 5:31pm CST
Does anyone here do daytrading? Do you buy and sell stocks online? Please tell me your experiences? How do you choose which to buy/sell? :) I would love to try it...
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@manmaxman (850)
• India
4 Feb 07
yes if any one responed me good than i will going to +rating him
• Germany
16 Jan 09
Actually because of the financial crisis it is very difficult to find the right partner to try self trading. There are lots of difficult postitions you can trade. I am from europe. Here are the basic very strong. watch out for shares,options and cf´d and for good informations. Look at greetings from good old europe
• Australia
5 Jan 07
Hi, I invest in stocks and options and use a number of strategies from long term 'buy and hold' to shorter term 'trading' in the days to 2-3 weeks range. I would advise against 'daytrading' if you are a newcomer to investing, its frought with risk for those who are inexperienced, and really isn't the best option. If you are interested in short term strategies with high returns then I'd suggest you turn to trading options rather than stocks, as they offer far greater return to risk ratios than stocks and also require far less capital to get started. If you don't know much about options or even have never heard of them feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I'd be happy to help. I recently undertook the optionetics study course and attended their 2 day seminar on this topic and it was a real eye opener. There certainly is a lot of money to be made using their techniques which are quite extraordinary. It is an expensive course though ($4000) but I do not regret one cent of it as it has really gave me confidence in my investments and I gained a huge amount of information from the course. However if you want to learn about trading options it can be done without forking out so much cash as I did if you work at it and use the resources available on the internet wisely. Some good websites to get started with are: If you are trading US markets I'd highly reccomend you use the following online broker: Their commission structure is extremely cheap and they provide fantastic free analysis software. Some other good brokers are
@vivasuzi (4127)
• United States
4 Jan 07
I don't but my brother-in-law actively uses "e-trade" i think it is. He says it's good and easy, but I have heard it's addicting! My brother in law has spent long hours on it b/c you constantly are trying to find another great trade!
@maio19 (81)
• Thailand
4 Jan 07
I do trading online but it is in a long term not daytrading. I buy shares in my country (Philippines) through RCBC SEC Online.
@frederik (481)
• Belgium
14 Dec 06
I have some stocks but i'm not a daytrader.
@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
23 Nov 06
I've never tried it, but you have to have very good, very timely information, because you're buying and selling a stock on the same day. So you have to have a very good idea of when a stock is going to do up or down and how much. There are probably books on the subject that explain how it's done.
@MagusX (1099)
• Brazil
22 Nov 06
well, i use Forex for exchanges