What do you believe is going on with Facebook?

United States
April 4, 2013 7:39pm CST
As I see day by day and as we continue, to grow and watch how face book is changing, and the ages that are on face book, do you believe that it's the sites that is poisoning our children's minds or is it the children themselves are out of control. What I also have come to realize that a lot of children are looking for that positive opinion, and feedback about themselves, such as anyone who puts a picture on the net they feel that the only way that they are cute is to get verification from others people, so they can feel good about themselves instead of verifying it for them selves. Where did the ball drop there? What do you think?
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@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
5 Apr 13
First of all, Facebook should really not be to children. the internet can sometimes do more harm than good.
5 Apr 13
I totally agree. As well as giving them more excuse to stay cooped up indoors instead of enjoying their childhood in the fresh air, it is a breeding ground for text speak in preference to proper language. And they will be in charge of the world before too long :(
@burrito88 (2774)
• United States
5 Apr 13
I think a lot of the problems that involve children on FB involve children themselves, not FB. FB has become an easy way for some kids to bully other kids. Bullying has always gone on, it's just easier now with FB because you can boradcast m]things behind someones back. But that's been going on anyway through gossip. Teenage is a difficult time because kids are trying to find themselves and it's made harder when they have trouble fitting in.
5 Apr 13
The rules of FB actually restrict the membership to people over the age of 16, which is still too young in my opinion. But these rules aren't enforced and so there are lots of very young children on there, all busy interacting online with their friends. In one way this is a good thing in that at least they have contact, but in so many more ways it's so bad. They continually chat online using text speak instead of proper language and if they have trouble with a bully at school or in their neighbourhood they can't escape because the bully just follows them home via the internet. If they weren't on these networks and they had a problem, at least they would have the safety of going home to escape, but they can no longer get this respite unless they lose contact with all the "friends" they have make only online. A very sad affair indeed.
@tehpau (340)
• Malaysia
5 Apr 13
Facebook wants to make money by coming up with new plans. A recent survey actually showed that the things most people hate to see on Facebook are : photos of babies/children, photos of food and personal photos. Facebook has evolved as people change. Most people use it to share information nowadays. Only teenagers like to share their personal things which I feel is bad because they lack maturity to differentiate what is good or bad. Anyway, Facebook sees the potential of its more matured members and businesses want to target these people for more sales. This is why more and more marketers are willing to pay Facebook for bigger exposures.