You agree that the fair tales for kids culture is no more???

@Tushavi (2077)
Karachi, Pakistan
April 6, 2013 3:06am CST
hi to all well, today an article helps me to start this discussion, I reads the fairy tale & books culture is stubborn now a days, parents & elders leave the kids on mercy of TV & Internet, but when I'm child, My parents bought so many books for me, they are fairy tales books usually, some fairy tales have strong moral & subject, these stories now saves us for Greed, Evil, Cruelty, etc, but now a days Fairy tales culture is no more exists, kids loves to play GTA 4 instead of reading those books, same with nephews & nieces, they want to play a games, they said that the BOOK are boring, what do you think about it??? Can you heard stories & fairy tales in your childhood??? If so why not share your memories with me??? have a nice day...
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@cutepenguin (6431)
• Canada
7 Apr 13
I think children these days are more likely to encounter fairy tales in movies instead of in book form. I don't have a tv so my son reads quite a few books, and even he will probably see fairy tales in movies.
@nicanorr (1789)
• Philippines
6 Apr 13
Parental control should prevail. Fairy tales for kids is still very much the order of the day. This easily can be pursued by the parents themselves by recalling fairy tales to them by mouth before kids go to dreamland. Or with the presence and guidance of parents, they can tune in to TV stations showing appropriate fairy tales or stories adapted to kids understanding. I don't agree with your topic question.
@maximax8 (31060)
• United Kingdom
6 Apr 13
I read the story called "The Little Red Riding Hood" to my daughter the other day. She really enjoyed it. My little girl likes to be read poetry as well as traditional stories. She and my son have both got book cases full of picture books in their bedrooms. I read a book before they go to bed. A bed time story can be so lovely.
@dragon54u (31608)
• United States
6 Apr 13
I was raised the same way. One of my earliest memories was sitting on my mother's lap while she read to me. To this day, I am an avid reader and very good at spelling and grammar. I raised my own children the same way and they have similar talents. Fairy tales are good. They establish a sense of right and wrong, reward for good living, and a sense of justice. The children in my family are, for the most part, raised like that. It is all up to the parent! When I have grandchildren I will read them fairy tales and also Aesop's Fables and other good literature. We have a choice. We can raise our children on TV, video games, and the internet or take the time and effort to give them a good moral foundation. It's up to us what kind of adults we turn out. We can be lazy and complain about the lack of morals of our children or we can be what parents are supposed to be and turn out good, moral, mentally healthy children that turn into responsible, happy adults.
@thesids (22180)
• Bhubaneswar, India
6 Apr 13
Hi Tushavi The problem started when the media started promoting the "Reality" in everything. As an example - When we were kids, we never questioned the existence of fairies, the existence of Santa Clause but today, things have changed. Yes, TV and other factors are really responsible for this degradation but the fact is that when kids can tell - aw, comon, there is nothing like Santa Clause or there is nothing like fairies, the entire concepts of fairy tales fail. Almost every other house has a computer and as you say, today kids are more stuck and involved on Facebook, social media, virtual games which spread war, acton etc. so where comes the scope of peace and fairy tales??? Even if we look at the toons of today, they are more action prone rather than the other subtle ones.
• Taiwan
6 Apr 13
I agree that the "old" fairy tales are no more, but I don't like TV & PC games, either. I think "new" fairy tales are needed. BOOKs help us learn, or if kids can spontaneously learn something from internet, I have nothing to disagree with the net or PC education. The old ones are no more, but there are many people writing new ones, at least in my country do. These stories are quite nice, too.