does the borat movie remind us of the true meaning of ''political incorrectness'

United States
November 22, 2006 7:13pm CST
we go to the heartland of the u.s. to a rodeo infested with our very own jingoistic rich-a-likes, then we head off to a class-conscious bunch of bores, then we bust into a meeting of capitalists naked, hop onto a caravan with 3 mackie meets frankenstein drunk students who whine about how the u.s. is so incredibly socialist, how slavery was much better and how only the minorities have power (yes, they're talking of the u.s., of all places), and then we meet george peatty who tells borat how much jesus loves him. then the pamela anderson climax. wonderful mooee. but didnt tell me anything i didnt know. still, a miracle to have this in a neo-conservative owned media, and of all places, shown in the u.s. ah well. surely political incorrectness is really about taking the piss out of how damn stupid right wing americans are? is this the comic equivalent to michael moore's bowling for columbine?
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@ashmed (3)
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8 Mar 07
The borat movie, shows the lack of intelegance this contry shows. The movie is not really politicly incorrect, it just a waste of time and kills the brain cells of the people that watch it.