do you think life is meant to be short?

April 6, 2013 9:21am CST
I really believe that we are here for reasons. God is love and He really desire to see us in good health, happy and most of all live forever - yes no death at all. but today people are dying and it is a common thing.. one day all of these will be a thing of the past. no one will ever die or even get old. do you believe that one day this will come true? share your views
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• India
7 Apr 13
Help others while living and help after dying.god created us to help others and make happy around us.
7 Apr 13
that is the right thing to do while we are still living coz life is too short to spend it to hatred.. there is more happiness in giving and helping others. when we do this people will love us more.
@MoonGypsy (4606)
• United States
6 Apr 13
i believe we are meant to live for at least 120 years. our past and current life condition helps determine how many years get taken off of that.
7 Apr 13
120 years is already long but do you know that God created us to live forever? in ancient times the longest life span was 969 years.. but now the life of the people rarely reach 80 or 90.
@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
Hi there Jobfindonline! You are right. Everything happens for a reason. In my opinion, some of the possible reasons why life is short for us is because it is just a temporary assignment leading to our main goal which is eternity with God. I also think that this is to teach us to value time with our loved ones. This is one thing that people always take for granted. I learned this lesson the hard way. We should never take our loved ones for granted. We should be more forgiving and we should take every opportunity to show and tell them how much we love them.
@smart44 (510)
• Philippines
6 Apr 13
Only the creator know when we will leave on this world, but He is the one who create us and we are here for a reason, we have a purpose to live so live your life to the fullest, make good deeds, be a better person and share your knowledge to your fellow men
@sishy7 (27171)
• Australia
7 Apr 13
Life on this earth is short; life in the hereafter is forever yet no one will get old.
@Koozaa (3)
• Canada
6 Apr 13
It is a part of life. For all things. Once we are born we start the process. We are lucky that our lives are as long as they are, but too short because of the relationships we build and the families we create. I am not one that believes we are here for a reason, but that doesn't mean we can't create reason. We should not be here for nothing, we should "be the change we want to see in the world". Make it count :)