Can I keep rabbit as pet?

April 6, 2013 12:42pm CST
I like rabbit very much and i want to keep it as a pet but my mother told me that they make a hole in floor and then they live happily. Because I don't have place full of soil. One day my brother brought a couple but after 1 day I felt that they are not happy in my home because I don't have floor full of soil in which they make hole and play in it. Friends do you have some experience about it please tell me?
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8 Apr 13
raising rabbits is not as easy as we thought. I raise rabbits for years now and they just live in their cages. In my opinion, they can play other stuff like rabbit toys and sometimes wood, you could let them run in your living room and make sure that they are properly fed and you have to show them affection.
17 Apr 13
hi rodivina, I have a question too. Those your rabbit needs to have a partner or another rabbit to play, or I can buy only one rabbit?. Because my father said that rabbit easily multiply specially if they are a partner or couple.
@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
6 Apr 13
many people here in rome have rabbits as pets and they do not let them loose in the garden. they keep these animals in cages. they are fed with carrots and fruits and their cages are cleaned daily. i have never seen any rabbit loose in the garden or in any space where there is soil. they would create havoc in the place.
8 Apr 13
Yes,i agree with you.I'm a child from countryside,I have seen my neighbers adopt rabbits,they just keep them in cages or a small house .In usual,they feed them some carrots,cabbages and other vigetables.I love rabbits,they are so cute.
@911Ricki (13588)
• Canada
11 Apr 13
Why on earth would you have a hole with soil in it? I have 2 pet rabbits first you need domesticated rabbits (house rabbits), not wild rabbits. They can live in the house just like cats and dogs, my one rbbits has his own bed under mine, and his bowls beside the cats. If you don't want them free run you can get a cage at a pet store, hay, pellets, and loads of fresh veggies.
• United States
7 Apr 13
It's really simple actually! All you really gotta do is have a big open area for your Rabbit(s) or a nice big cage, and then you add a big patch of dirt In-Doors or juts make some room in a backyard. You can always juts let them in big cage and give them some water, Rabbit Chew, and a couple of fruits and veggies, however I recommend you give them fruits and veggies as a Special Treat and keep them to Rabbit Chew as the main course, since the right stuff comes with good nutrients and proteins made specifically for your bunnies. However, be sure to let them out somewhere. As long as they get to frolic a solid few hours a day, they ought to love you just the same. Aside from that, you may just want to ask your local Pet Shop on how to properly tend to little guys and gals. Best of luck, pal! :D (And if you have any other lingering questions, you can ask. I take care of several rabbits, so I think I got an idea on what you should do.) P.S. Don't ever leave Opposite Gender Rabbits in the same area. Rabbits (of either gender) will "Fight or F**k" near each other, and that's not a good idea if you're not a pro on Rabbit Mating Habbits. :/