What should we do when someone becomes angry because of our refusal

April 7, 2013 1:46am CST
My friend complained to me about his troubles that had brought him unhappiness.One afternoon,he was invited to have dinner at his parents-in-law's home.But he had accepted another invitation from his customer.He found it quite difficult to deal with the problem,because in his heart both the customer and his parents-in-law were important in his life.After considering about it for the whole afternoon,he decided to meet the customer first,and after that he would go to his parents-in-law. So it was very late in the evening after dinner when he arrived at their home.He found the dinner hadn't started yet,and he suddenly came to notice that he had forgotten to tell them he would not go to have dinner with them. All the family asked him why he was so late,and he told them the truth.So they began to have dinner,but my friend was full because he had eaten with his customer.Therefore,he told them he was not hungry.However,his parents-in-law got angry with him.They said he didn't respect them at all.His wife wanted to help him,but before she said something,my friend came out of their home. After that,he was a little worried.He asked me how to deal with such a problem,but as I didn't have enough life experience,I didn't know either. Guys,when you meet with some similar situation,what will you do?
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@williamjisir (22820)
• China
1 May 13
It is your friend's fault. He was supposed to make a call to tell them that he had an important customer and would have dinner with him for the negotiation of business. I am sure that things would be different if a call was made to let them know. It is frustrating to wait for someone to have dinner for a long time. I never expect it to happen to me.
@MrGhost (550)
12 Apr 13
First of all try to pacify him by logic. If you fail to do so,henceforth, just ignore him.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
7 Apr 13
Your friend may have thought that it is more important to meet the customer. And that is fine. The meeting might be really important. But I think that if he only told his in laws that he was coming late, then he could have avoided the misunderstanding. Second, granting that he was full, he should have not said that he was full. Maybe he should have taken just a few bites and wait for the rest to finish with their dinner. I mean, it was already insensitive of him not to inform them about his meeting, then he would not join them when they have waited for him? and he went out of the house? I think he ought to say sorry to his in laws. It was his fault.
@Raine38 (11499)
• United States
7 Apr 13
Your friend should be man enough to admit his mistakes and ask an apology from his parents in law. He could have called ahead as a courtesy to those who are waiting for him, yet he didn't. And worse, instead of saying sorry, he walked out on them. He acted like a kid instead of a grown, family man. He should make it up to his family for what he did. He can always have another customer, but he will never have another family.
@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
7 Apr 13
your friend was wrong. he should have told his wife and in laws about his business dinner, i think they would have understood. he shouldn't have left in such a hurry too when his in laws got mad at him. they certainly had a right. if i were in his shoes, i'd go to my in laws and apologize. i'd explain about everything. he did something wrong so he should make amends.