Problematic eyes infection

April 7, 2013 2:18am CST
I have eyes infection and I am taking treatment with eye specialist but I am feeling very hotness and red eyes. Doctor advice me to away from heat and dust but when I use computer at night it also create problem for me. There are some pimples and spots on my eyes. Right eye infected much than left. I am feeling not good because I have a lot of work and because of this problem I can't do this. Please tell me some suggestion.
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@alpha9180 (301)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 13
Eyes infection can be caused by a variety of things including air pollution, late hours, an allergy, contact lenses, or a problem with tears. There is no remedy for the condition--except to remove the cause of the irritation if possible. If the problem is the result of an allergy, and the specific substance to which you are allergic cannot be identified or removed, your doctor may prescribe medicine to relieve the symptoms, or may refer you to an ophthalmologist so as to free from more serious problems. In most cases, a gentle, warm compress will make your eyes feel better. Time and rest will eventually cure the problem.
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@Deepak2J (1178)
• India
20 Apr 13
Please consult a doctor ASAP
@Zer0Stats (1309)
• India
10 Apr 13
Go see dermatologist first.You really need one ASAP.
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
7 Apr 13
Might be you are allergic against the eye-meds!. Also your doctor is right.. no heat/no light/no dust. You can use between eyes getting worser and worser or quit for some time. Tip: wear dark eye(sun)glasses to protect your eyes against light and dust. Also inside your house!
@MrGhost (550)
7 Apr 13
What's the diagnosis of the ophthalmologist? Have you any refractive errors? Are the pimples painful? You may use any artificial tear substitute. But at least for the time being, you have stay away from the computer.
@scubapro (1051)
• Gifu, Japan
7 Apr 13
you have a lot of work on computer? if yes please be careful ,but if another things to do,please dont use pc for few days is good for you. eye problem is really serious sometimes so please be s not normal you feel hotness and see spots,so i worry about it,i had a friend with same problem and he continued to use pc and watch tv very closer so he lost his left eye,thats why i advice you not to use pc for few days,please i wish your eyes will be better soon.