The Capital Letter I

@rubyroy (824)
April 7, 2013 4:39am CST
I am the most important person for me and I think you should appreciate all my effort, My ideas revolve around my wellbeing and satisfaction,nobody else matters, If you try to control me ,I will not be your friend,or consider you as a good person, You should always agree with my ideas and also agree that my ideas are the best, When I feel like going out you should accompany me,and not me accompanying you when you want, If I criticize you you shouldn't feel angry with me,for I have all right to find fault, But you have no write to find fault with me,If you do so you are not my friend, If you feel upset about my outlook,I think you don't love me,or else you will never, disagree with me,some people call me selfish,but do you think so? (thinking of a 'I' person)
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@laydee (12798)
• Philippines
8 Apr 13
I think there are a lot of people in this category. These days it's all about "me". It's sad how people have shifted into children and only thinking about themselves ~ not because they can't help it, but because they choose to prioritize themselves and don't care about the other people's life. It's sad. Soon, something will be up.. Have a great mylot experience ahead!
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
7 Apr 13
I think you are your own best friend and there is nothing wrong with that. You surely will not have much stress with being with other people since you have yourself (or those who agree with you.. something most people seem to prefer if they look for good friends). Personally I like to be with me and I don't care if people find me selfish or not. But nobody needs to agree with me. Everybody has the right to have his/her own opinion. If that doesn't work for me I go my own way and they do the same.
• India
8 Apr 13
We all think that our own way is the best.. No matter whatever other people say
• Indonesia
22 Apr 13
Nah, I think every person will have that 'I' person. That's called ego. Nothing wrong with that. I think if you happy with yourself, why not? That has a good side as well, as you can find happiness within yourself. You don't need compliments from anyone else.
8 Apr 13
that's reality you shared, all of us has an I factor in different kind of ways some are in denial but good for you at least you really know who you are and frank to discuss it :) I admit I also same as yours in some manner