Who are the most beautiful in your heart?

April 9, 2013 8:38pm CST
These days,when I turn on TV,I often find there are some programmes called "looking for the most beautiful firemen"," looking for the most beautiful teacher",or "looking for the most beautiful country doctor" on CCTV.Those who are chosen to be the most beautiful men or women will have some chances to go to appear on some big TV programmes like Spring Festival Party of CCTV.They have contribute themselves to the poor people,work hard for their responsibilities,help people in the poor areas,and so on,so they are the examples for us to learn from. In fact, everyone in our life can be a good man or woman.Have you done something kind to others?I think most of us have done some kind affairs or help others who are in need.When you take a bus and find an old lady,you may kindly offer your seat to the lady.It shows your beautiful warm heart.Then you are the most beautiful on the bus. Therefore,I think everyone can be the most beautiful person,as long as we would like to offer some help to others. So have you ever met such beautiful people?And have you ever bacome the most beautiful in your neighboorhood? Share your thoughts.
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@williamjisir (22820)
• China
1 May 13
There are a lot of people with a beautiful heart so long as they are helpful to others. You may also consider youself to be the most beautiful person if you have done a nice thing to the others. The so-called most beautiful is not only the outside beauty, but more on the side of the inner part we have. If we have a beautiful mind with a beautiful action, then we are the most beautiful.