No yahoo questions to yahoo answer jobs in microwerkers

April 10, 2013 5:46am CST
I am new to microworkers. There are lots of jobs with related to yahoo answer.The task is to find a yahoo question related to a given key word and answer it with a link to there site.But most of the time there are no question with related there key word.So most of the tasks cant complete.How can i do them.Can i make a another yahoo account and make a question related to the given key word and give the answer with my proper yahoo account.will they catch if i do it.Are there any other legal way to do it.
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@owlwings (43237)
• Cambridge, England
10 Apr 13
There is no 'legal' way of doing these tasks because what you are doing is spamming and strictly forbidden by Yahoo Answers. You will almost certainly be detected and reported by other members and will end up losing your account. Be warned! Yahoo will not just delete your Answers account ... they will close ALL accounts (mail, Messenger &c) associated with that ID!
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@khateya (264)
• Australia
11 Apr 13
It sounds like spamming but if your answer is informative and can help dealing with the problem then I don't think it is a problem.