Listening Music is Beneficial

April 10, 2013 8:47am CST
According to scientists of California, listening music during stress is a great way to relieve our mind. One can listen music before going to perform stressful work. Are you a great listener of Music?
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@kokomo (1867)
• Philippines
28 Apr 13
Yes, in fact, after going to bed after a long day of work in the office, I usually play soft and relaxing music so that at least at the end of the day I feel relax and relieve. I always play also music in the office when boss are not around. It really helps a lot lessen my stress at work.
@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
That is certainly a good idea. Actually it would be wonderful if we listen to music even while we are doing the stressful work, unless that work is mental work. For example, a manual labourer could listen to music while working that hard and heavey job. Farmers also can listen to music. However, there are certain jobs which cannot listen to music such as software engineers, doctors, teachers etc.. Such people can listen to music before they work.
• Indonesia
12 Apr 13
yes, i am great listener of music. i like to listening cheerful song. i always listening of music from radio Gen FM Surabaya (in my country) when i work at the office. i felling enjoy to listening that radio because can be reduce my stress at office.
@Pegasus72 (1898)
12 Apr 13
I believe that, also cleaning your house to music is motivating as it is for exercising.
@r1buts (73)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 13
thank you for the information. i love listening to music. in every job i always listen to music. i also learnd while listening to music. has beome a hobby long grind accompanied by music.
@Deepak2J (1178)
• India
18 Apr 13
Listening music gives relief from stresses and make happier.
@jricky1 (6800)
• China
10 Apr 13
Listen to music that i like is indeed such a great joy for me and i feel like doing things in the whole day.Especially to get rid of the stressful work.I'm glad that we can find music lovers everywhere share great musics as well.Have a great day.
@cmania (207)
• Portugal
10 Apr 13
I´m a great listener of msuic yeah because msuic is a big part of my life :D it´s what makes me happy most of the times it´s what gives me strenght and energy ;)