@Pegasus72 (1898)
April 10, 2013 3:16pm CST
Pretty soon I will be taking my youngest daughter to her meeting for Daisies. We tried years ago with my oldest daughter to do Brownies but the lady took our money and didn't do what she was supposed to do. We didn't even try with our next too but thought I would give it a go again to see how things go. Have you ever joined a club and then found out that is wasn't what you thought it would be like?
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@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
12 Apr 13
Yes often in fact. Maybe we have expectations or so optimistic that we think of something else other than reality. One thing for sure though any place is never as good as the people that are doing it. Shoot even big chains, retailers or restaurants that make people look the same aren't the same. It is the people that make it or break it. I guess all we can do is check things out as much as possible. It can be guesswork too.
@Pegasus72 (1898)
13 Apr 13
I will have to do a update on this when I get a chance maybe tomorrow.
@kaka135 (14921)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 13
I have heard about Brownies and Daisies, but I am not sure if there are these clubs in my country, and if we can just join. I'd really love my kids to join Brownies or Scout, I think joining these clubs are really good for them, and they will surely enjoy it. But, they are still very young now, so it's time for me to find out more about these clubs locally.
@Pegasus72 (1898)
11 Apr 13
They might have something like it though.
@marsha32 (6631)
• United States
10 Apr 13
None of my girls did Daisies. In fact, only one of my daughters (my oldest) did Brownies and then Girl Scouts. I was the leader then. I don't know why I stopped being a leader, or why, if nothing else, I didn't at least make sure the other girls were in scouts. My son did Scouts--Cub scouts and then Weeblos. I was his leader part of the time, but as soon as I wasn't, he no longer attended. I hope it goes well. I think these groups really are an important part of growing up for many reasons. Marsha
@lelin1123 (15595)
• Puerto Rico
10 Apr 13
Are Daisies new? I never heard of that club. I remember as a little girl it was Blue Birds, Brownies and then Girl Scouts. I didn't go on to Browines or girl scouts befcause it was to expensive for three girls. The little time that I was in blue birds though I like it alot. I have to say I never joined a club that was not what I thought it was. Good luck and hope it works for you and your daughter.
@Pegasus72 (1898)
11 Apr 13
I have never heard of blue birds so maybe they changed the name to daisies.