Ah! Time is changed now...can you feels the same???

@Tushavi (2077)
Karachi, Pakistan
April 10, 2013 3:29pm CST
hi to all well, Today I go to the wedding party, happy to see my father "PRACTICAL BUSINESS STUDENT" is well off now & getting married, he arranges a very big hall for his wedding party, In 1980s this guy start working with my father on business & he is very poor this time, but as I see & feels "GOD Help those who help themselves" now I see the results, I'm proud of my father that he is very nice person & have guts to do a business, well, when I starts a discussion here the streams of writings usually makes me helpless, well I asks My Mother about the difference between 1980's & 2013 after we return from the marriage, My Mother tells me one thing, I really want to share with you, she said that "Ah! time is changed now" I guess you smiles on me, because there is nothing in this sentences but My Mom means "The values are changed now" what do you say guys??? what about you??? don't forget to share your experience with time, have a nice day...
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@olliekobra1 (1825)
12 Apr 13
This is an intersting story and i do agree that people's values have changed a bit i think that nowadays lots of young people rely on their parents for money rather that actually going to earn it. This isnt going to be the same for everyone i know, but it does seem that people nowadays dont understand hard work.
@rubyroy (824)
• India
11 Apr 13
Moral values,remaining the same whatever the period is.Becoming rich is not the main goal but sharing and happiness is more important.
@bestboy19 (5478)
• United States
11 Apr 13
Times have changed, and unfortunately not for the better.
@mods196621 (3653)
• Philippines
11 Apr 13
IT is true that time has changed now from the time we born. On the first thing we noticed that there is no turning back of life but always on the go. Forward and makes us always in a hurry to finished things we do. Decades over decades and we see some changes from our home, from our body itself and going out from where came from.Just think always and bear in your mind.." there is no turning back in our life.." go forward always and expect those changes every passing of the seconds of our clock and time.... Think, today is today, past is yesterday, and tomorrow is a another day to come if we still have a chance to see it by the grace of the Lord. Be thankful everyday and consume your today as good and great as you can. have a nice day!
@srisahara (4508)
• Indonesia
11 Apr 13
I think time never change, in one day there are 24 hours since past until now, but there are many changes on values, technologies, attitudes,and other things. Sometimes, older people can not follow with the changes.
• Singapore
11 Apr 13
Yes times have changed. It is more convenient for us now in the digital age, with all sorts of technologies that we can enjoy, I remember how computers were so rare in my childhood and 20 years ago the internet was something new. School projects actually involved going to the library to find research materials. However things were much simpler back then, so I can't say all the changes have been for the better. The world has become very materialistic now.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
10 Apr 13
A lot of things has changed since the 80's. Some changes were for the better and there are some changes that has gotten worse.