I find people peeing/urinating in the Pool disghusting!! Why do they do that?

April 12, 2013 12:24am CST
I have stopped swimming since 1 year after i got a horrible rash and infection on my skin after a summer course in swimming.The doctor said the pool mite be infected with all urine and high chlorine. I dont understand why people cant just come out of the pool pee and come back in the pool.Why do they have to pee right there?
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@scubapro (1051)
• Gifu, Japan
12 Apr 13
i think peeing in a pool is not common in development countries,byt in developing countries people do that,i heard a news from india and indonasia before i have no idea why people do that,its not a toilet,is really disgusting if kids do that ,i can still understand it but if an adult do that,its strange peace
12 Apr 13
I hope you are right in that, but with all the water in the pool, how can you tell? I've heard that chlorine doesn't really smell until it reacts with bodily fluids, but there is almost always a strong smell in the baths, I hope it's just reacting with sweat but who actually knows for certain?
@suspenseful (40193)
• Canada
12 Apr 13
They are idiots and do not think what they are doing is doing any harm since they assume the pool has so much water it does not matter. I do hope that the supervisors at the pool are watching and maybe that if someone urinates right in the pool, he is not allowed to go into it - well a lifetime might be a good idea - but I guess that might have a short ban. And of course, if they had any sense, those idiots would have used the toilet before and not think they could hold it.
@gljcleeve (147)
12 Apr 13
I agree, it is a really disgusting habit and far from hygenic. But I don't suppose there's any way of stopping it, unfortunately, or I'm sure they would have done it by now. The only way is to educate people out of doing it, supply plenty of toilets close by and hope for the best as you put more chlorine in.