Thank You, Mylot

April 12, 2013 12:29am CST
I don't really have time these days to open any social sites I've been involved in. I'm a little scared and anxious that I might just do a lot of catching up to really understand what's already happening in my circle. Right now, I will be very busy checking emails. I am thankful though, to mylot that I became a member of. I can always discuss anything under the sun and thos eases my anxiety. What's the difference between my other social sites and mylot that I could be this interested in mylot more than I am interested in others? First, I am being paid for posting. Although I haven't received any payment yet ever, it gives me hope that someday soon, I get to receive payment for my posts, and that excites me. Secondly, there are a lot of people here who would give advice, tips, comments, lessons to learn, without prejudice to my very person. I don't really have a very personal or close friend here yet, so I feel I am more comfortable posting wkthout being judged for something friends know about me already. Third, interests are I have said earlier, there are a lot of things I could give my mind to think about and write instantly. More reasons to post when I come to know mylot more...hope in the very near future. How about you, are you beginning to be this hugely interested in mylot too?
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@sishy7 (27327)
• Australia
12 Apr 13
This is a fun and friendly site. I've never been interested to join any social sites, not even Facebook or Twitter; but I got attached to this site. I suppose myLot provides me with a social internet environment that I feel comfortable in.
@scubapro (1056)
• Gifu, Japan
12 Apr 13
even we dont have close friends here,we all have friends all over the world,and about payment ,dont worry..mylot always pays, i think you can get your first payment after few weeks, just do your best and trust here. happy mylotting