What is the meaning of "EQUAL HUMANS"???

@Tushavi (2077)
Karachi, Pakistan
April 13, 2013 10:38am CST
hi to all well, God Makes the world & he makes the humans as well, well, some humans are poor & some are rich, some do hard work & some are lazy, some are Kings & some are slaves, I am really curious about it IF you say All Humans are equal this don't makes any sense??? So What is mean by EQUALITY of HUMANS??? How can the Lazy Man is equal to the Hardworking guys??? can you clear this to me... have a nice day...
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@kokomo (1867)
• Philippines
28 Apr 13
I guess, when they said equality of human meaning, either the rich or poor can enjoy the same privilege like going to the public places like malls , churches, different mass events etc. What the rich eats, it can also be eaten by the poor as long as they can afford to buy it. Same with hospitalization, poor should also admits well and should assist and will give proper care as the rich is experiencing.
@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
24 Apr 13
Humans are equal because there are certain things that are common to one and all. For example, all of us breathe air, eat food, drink water, feel tired etc… then there are certain emotions which are experienced by all of us such as anger, greed, lust,happiness, sorrow. So, we are equal humans. Of course, there are also differences such as rich and poor, hard work and laziness. But even here, we can see that everybody wants to be rich and nobody wants to be poor. Nobody wants hard work and everybody wants laziness. So,we are equal humans.
@succeednow (1633)
• Singapore
14 Apr 13
Hi Tushavi, Yes, all men are born 'equal'. It is when they grow up they became 'unequal'. You should read the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell where there is a quote by the pigs which says: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That says it all. Have a great day.
@roshigo58 (4859)
• Pune, India
14 Apr 13
Hi, God has created universe. Every individual is unique. Every individual has different features so he has special identity. But it is right. There are some rich people some are poor, some are fair some are dark. some are kings and some are beggars. But we should respect each other and treat equally. We should not differentiate each other for the sake of wealth, position, caste, religion, race etc. All have the equal rights to live on this earth.
• India
14 Apr 13
Hi friend, all humans are equal means, we must treat all of them as equal and give equal importance to every one irrespective of status, caste, creed and other factors. Each and every one is equal. No one is inferior and no one is superior in god's creation
@rubyroy (824)
• India
15 Apr 13
God made every human being with enough grace to fend for his well being.It is our lack of faith that make us in equal.The one with more faith gets more wealth and blessings with ability to act on time to reap the best benefit.The faithless grumble and sit and thus become lazy and poor.
@ElicBxn (62753)
• United States
13 Apr 13
Everybody starts out and while money can make things easier for some, in most ways, people make of themselves what they are. And they have an equal chance of doing it. If a man starts out rich, and he grows up and makes bad choices he can end up poor. If a poor man works hard he can end up rich. If a man is lazy, he CHOSE to be lazy, he could've chosen to be hard working. Every man starts out with an equal chance of improving himself. He also chooses to be good or bad, but even if someone else thinks a person is bad, the person probably is making choices he thinks are good. I'm sure that Adolph Hitler thought he was improving his world. He did not start out rich, but he rose up to be considered by many as Satan on Earth. So, all people have an equal chance to be what ever they want to be,.
@MoonGypsy (4606)
• United States
13 Apr 13
you make a very good point. we are NOT EQUAL we are all different and unique. however, we should be treated with the same respect no matter who were who. i think that's the point of it.
@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
13 Apr 13
all men are equal in the eyes of god. we have been taught the difference between right and wrong and given the free will to decide for ourselves. whether he be a king, a president, a beggar, a farmer, etc... when it is time to meet with his creator, he will be judged according to how he conducted himself not on how much he accumulated in this world. in a social context, i believe this refers to equal rights and oppurtunities for all men. however, the laws are there but there certainly are no eqaual oppurtunities and rights for all of us. some people are greedy for power and money that they trample upon whoever is on their path. the poor farmer can never afford a top notch lawyer if he is wrongly accused of a crime whereas the rich criminal goes scot free because his team of defenders were able to twist the law. the list can go on and on... when we are born, we have a clean slate. whenever we sin, we put a mark on it. we may be forgiven but the mark stays. at the end our journey, we will have to be held accountable for all the marks that we have put on our slates.
@sshdage (30)
• Beijing, China
13 Apr 13
Hi,there. in my view ,the absolute equality never exists in our world,we have to work harder if we born with a not good background and lack in talent.The so-called equality some people preached is just an excuse for their selfish acts.But relatively equality can be found in our lives,for example,some countries such as Denmark and Japan provide more equitable societies for all citizens.In a word , just Fair no equality . We all have chances to select a better place to stay or find a better way of supporting ourselves.