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April 13, 2013 12:37pm CST
Now that many students are graduating,most of them will heading themselves to companies who could potentially hire them. In my country, it is expected that a student is employed in whatever capacity or job within a year-period. I have brought up with this notion but in some other areas, there is a trend within students to take a gap year – a period of time where the it is actually spent about doing other things except looking for a job. It’s hardly a choice for some students but I think of other it might a good time to explore some places or just leave. As I said, it’s not an option for everybody but given the chance , would you take it?
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@Amemi432 (54)
• India
13 Apr 13
A gap year is just what I would love to have. After just going from one level of study to the next, non-stop until graduation, a year without any worries or thoughts about studies or career would be very relaxing and refreshing. I was also brought up with the same notion that job comes after studies. But aside from our country norms, even if we think about reality, taking a year off is just unthinkable. Because in some careers, a gap after studies or in between jobs, has a negative effect in our career. It will always remain a black mark in our resume. As you said, it is not even a choice for some students. Forgetting about everything and just taking a break seems so tempting, but reality sucks ;(.. If given the chance I would really love to take it...
• Philippines
16 Apr 13
I agree with your whole post. I think people think taking a gap year is like slacking off. Everybody is in a questioning mode when they found out that you aren't working yet and for what purposes the time is being spent on. I think many students would love to catch their breath before they go into the job jungle. some students already get the pressure of doing or landing a specific job and a specific time frame. No matter how enthusiastic a graduate may be, I think they would appreciate a sort of a vacation and time to sink reality and life to sink in.
• India
17 Apr 13
You are right, I am at that exact stage right now, and all this rush and stress is making me feel smothered.. One definite question in every interview is "What did you do after graduation/ What did you do to make yourself better?" Of course we must have passion towards our career, and need to spend good time on it. But after 20 years with nothing but education(can't really escape from that), we too deserve a break before starting a new and important phase in our life. But then again there are some careers that leave more air to breathe, by not putting too much focus on resume. Sometimes it makes me wish, if only I had chosen one of those... :) Have a nice day :)
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
Thanks for the response.