Not Bad For A Late Night's Work.

April 14, 2013 3:40am CST
In a previous post I ranted about how my American husband decided to leave things off till the last minute, when it came to doing his flippin' taxes. I figured things out. He's going to send me the forms in the morning via e-mail, and I'm going to run them off downtown, at the cyber cafe with the printer. I'm also going to print off and fax my own tax stuff to my accountant in Kitchener. Then I run his papers back home, and he signs them. One of us is going to be near a mailbox before midnight Monday, and his stuff will go off in the mail. it would be so much easier if we could just fax the dang things. The real money-wrench in the plans is that they took the mailbox away from Second Cup. There was one right next to Second Cup that made life so much easier. Now the closest mailbox that's anywhere near a bus stop is downtown. Why can't they put mailboxes near bus stops? I love the American system of putting mail in one's own postal box for the carrier to pick up. I wish we did that up here in Canada. No, up here we need to actually search for a mailbox!! In this day and age of electonic communications, mailboxes are few and far between, and that gets annoying after a while. Fortunately this post is going to put me over the top on bubblews. I always wait to cash out till I hit over $26, so that any money they deduct won't take me below $25. :) I'm still waiting on $25 from Gather, and another $25 from Swagbucks. I just got $25 from Bubblews last week, and a few days ago it finally made it from PayPal to my bank account. Also Walker's and my promotional post cards for our writing site have been shipped, so they should get here early next week. Glad I got everything figured out. I'll get to the printers today between 3:30-5. I'm not missing my Croatian or Serbian radio shows for the sake of a lazy American. haha I'd send Hubby down there, but this past week he's been rather stubborn about eating properly, and God knows where he'll wander, if his blood sugar screws up. AARRGGHH!!!!
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@patgalca (16690)
• Orangeville, Ontario
14 Apr 13
Do you live in an area where the houses (new subdivisions or townhomes) have community mailboxes? Those mailboxes also have a slot for sending mail out. The pick-up time is 7am though it's probably later than that as it is picked up when the mail deliverer (in a truck) delivers their mail. Also, I understand that you CAN put mail in your mailbox to be picked up. I was walking to a mailbox one day (not really near my house) when the postal carrier offered to take the letter for me. He said it was their job. You might want to give it a try... not for your tax return though.
@GreenMoo (11837)
14 Apr 13
So complicated! I love it when a plan comes together though.
@deodavid (4150)
• Philippines
14 Apr 13
Wow that is really a lot to process, But it is really good of you to just leave the easy stuff to the hubby anyway goodluk on that i think that you are one big earner when it really comes to online sites and that is really inspirational to me, anyway thanks for sharing this i just remembered i need to get my tax ID card, i should have gotten it last year, goodluck on the hubby wandering downtown for food after his errand, take care.