Do you think all geeks/nerds are like potrayed in Big Bang theory?

April 14, 2013 4:16am CST
Big bang Theory is the most amazing show for all of us irrespective of being in engineering science or any technical field. But as an engineer myself i dont think i wear specs and act geeky all the time ;p lolll!! Its soo funny when i see them potrayed soo geeky all the time. Do you think all post graduates and graduates are geeks? :)
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@grvdubey11 (1879)
• India
16 Apr 13
They are portrayed that way just for fun and entertainment. Geeks are not like that even though they get too involved in their work and rightly so but they don't act like cartoons like in this show.But that happens, you see popular girls and guys are shown in the movies as mean and bullies but its not the case in real.Best wishes.
@stealthy (8181)
• United States
14 Apr 13
Of course they aren't. As a Ph.D. physicist even though I used to wear glasses, I would never have considered myself a geek or nerd. And that is in spite of my having been shy as a kid. Although I never played sports on a school team, I did play in intramural leagues at school and with friends. Being in the U.S. I played a lot of American style football and caught touchdown passes and threw them and opposing quarterbacks were in big trouble if I was playing on the defensive line and going after the quarterback; in one game my friends and I played against some guys just out on the field when we were in college, they even tried to keep me out with three guys, all bigger than me, and failed. I also loved to play tennis. And once in college and graduate school and over my shyness, I did my share of dating and with some very attractive girls.
@GreenMoo (11834)
14 Apr 13
Imagining that all post grads and grads are geeks would be akin to saying that all nurses are party girls or all salesmen lie! It's ridiculous.