Type Casting

United States
April 14, 2013 8:21am CST
On facebook, someone made the comment about getting a very nice car when there are no more homeless people. There will always be those who are homeless. I wrote about how there are those who are homeless that do want to get back on their feet. I also wrote that there are those who are homeless that dig thru the garbage for food. This one female responded saying that those who do dig thru the garbage are mentally ill. That is typecasting and judging someone that you do not know! Why not say that the rich who have money and do not take care of themselves for whatever reason are mentally ill? No one should ever judge anyone. Yet we all judge and have been judged. No one really knows why any of us do things. We do not walk in others shoes! One time, I was holding a sign to get extra money for food and a bus pass, this guy walks up to me and asks why I was homeless, before I could answer, he said it is because you do drugs. To see me in person, you can tell I don't do drugs. I did a long time ago. I have not done any since I was about 16 and I never will! Before any of us judge anyone else, walk in their shoes, feel what they feel, and think what they think!
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@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
Those who dream of buying a fancy car, very posh clothes, eating in five star restaurants etc.. often do not understand the problems of those who do not have a proper house, those who have not got enough food to eat etc… they are insensitive people. It is very easy to label the very poor people as mentally ill. But nobody would label a person who eats in a five star restaurant as mentally ill. Judging others is easy, but walking in other person’s shoes is difficult. But perhaps such judges will learn the lesson if they themselves will be struck by acute poverty.
@suzzy3 (8342)
16 Apr 13
You should never judge a book by its cover or even try to imagine the last page without finding out.The person going through the rubbish was probably hungry and had no money for food.I always say you never know when your luck could change.Lose your job cannot pay rent and there you are.I don't think many homeless people actually enjoy it ,I would point someone to a hostel or church most of those places expect to help the less fortunate in society.