Sometimes an explanation it's needed...

@yume11 (183)
April 14, 2013 10:04am CST
Yesterday I began a discussion about my second payment from I posted a payment proof and then I asked ''what are your favorite ptc sites?'', because I was curios what good ptc sites mylotters are using. After a couple of hours, I went back to see if I got some answers... I've got two answers...and some weird/strange tags like ''a guideline violation'' , ''poll type'' and ''posting payment proof''. Someone posted them without leaving any explanation...:(...I consider myself still new here, because I'm not very active. I know that a ''pool type'' discussion it's one like :''x vs y; choose between them!'', and I think my discussion wasn't like this...or at least I haven't created it to look like a pool type one, because I just wanted to discuss with others about their favorite ptc sites. Then, about the ''posting payment proof''...the proof which I've posted was mine, I posted it in my pictures too...and besides this I've posted it in the minute when I've received it so, I don't think I've could find on the Internet a payment proof from neobux with that minute/hour/date... I'm a bit confused...well a bit more if I add the thing that I've often saw discussions like mine [ending with :''what's your favorite ....?''] in the top,without getting tags like mine... Don't get me wrong. I haven't created the discussion with this target, to achieve the top of the day. I've just created it to simply discuss/talk... I think that sometimes, someone should give to us, the members with little experience[=little messages] some explanation when we receive those tags like ''guideline violation'' to know what we've done wrong clearly... I hope someone will explain my confusion. Here is the discussion which I've started: Have a nice day & thanks in advance for responses! P.S. I've talked in private messages with a myLotter and she said that's possible that myLot could've put those tags, automatically... Is this true o-0?
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@mysdianait (66021)
• Italy
14 Apr 13
"I've talked in private messages with a myLotter and she said that's possible that myLot could've put those tags, automatically" The ONKY tag that myLot adds automatincally is the 'mature content' tag. The other tags are added by users. We are all asked to help out and report violations to admin. As you can see from my comment above, payment proofs are not allowed in the discussion area and asking 'what is your favourite site?' is a poll and a repeated topic (as you can see if you use the search). Presumably some Lotters saw your topic and reported it and added those tags both for you and to warn others that if they participate on that topic they will not have any earnings for their activity as the discussion will eventually be removed by admin.
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@wulania (1524)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 13
i think life is getting complicated and complicated. but The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and perhaps the most
@cherigucchi (14596)
• Philippines
14 Apr 13
we all demand and deserve explanations especially when things are not clear to us. It is okay that you ask for it so you won't be having clouds above your head guessing and finding yourself at a loss of something to think.