Does green tea actually help lose Weight ? which type?

April 15, 2013 12:39am CST
I have heard a number of people consume cups and cups of green tea throughout the day. Does green tea really help lose weight? How does it kill all the fat? which is the best green tea that would really help me lose some excess fat of my body.If it really helps i really want to try it.
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@babyeve (1048)
• Seychelles
16 Apr 13
Here is a few tips on Green Tea:- 1) Green tea revs up your metabolism 2) Green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation 3) Green tea may help reduce appetite 4) Green tea can help you save calories on your morning brew.
@coffeebreak (17798)
• United States
26 Apr 13
But what kind of green tea? I have tried Lipton and nothing happened. I drink Lipton regular ice tea 24/7/365, with sweetner or lime/lemon wedge. I drink it last thing at night before I go to sleep and first thing in the morning and all day long. I compared regular Lipton to Lipton's Green Tea and the regular has so closely the same amount of the antioxidents and all that that the green does.... I have been trying to loose weight and no help from the tea. I have an issue that I can't work out as I can't move as fast as you are supposed to to loose weight, I walk every day almost a mile...and still...haven't lost a pound. And it does nothing to reduce my appetite...I fight that constantly...only way to control it is to go do something out of the kitchen...and take my ice tea with me!
• Philippines
27 Apr 13
I'm also using a Lipton Green Tea, and of course I drank it while it's hot. Drinking a cup of green tea won't do the work. There should also be a proper diet and exercise.
@babyeve (1048)
• Seychelles
3 May 13
@craziestqueenever @coffeebreak Lipton Green tea is a very good brand and you should continue to drink it. You should eat plain yogurt, apples, oranges, blueberries, cereals and lots of vegetables. Avoid soft drinks and drink home-made fruit juice instead. Water is above all the key to losing weight. Work out is very important when it comes to dieting. Meditation and relaxation also helps. No need to stress yourself too much. Take it one step at a time and have loads of patience.
@dot247 (19)
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
Yes it does. Tea in general is a diuretic so it makes you pee. Therefore, it helps cleanse the body and helps you lose water weight. Green Tea has antioxidants that help boost fat burning. So when you exercise regularly and drink green tea, you burn more fat. But of course it's also important to combine that with proper diet.