Goodbye Password! Welcome Passthough!

April 17, 2013 3:00am CST
Hello mylotters. Today I want to post about new information that I just know (maybe you have known it). I heard that password will not be use anymore. Password will be change with new technology that named Passthough. If we were use password, we must type it with fingers to keyboard, but with passthough, we just need to think our secret thing like colors, or something. I like it! That must be fun! No one will know what I'm thinking and they cannot hack my account (except for mind readers. hahaha). That what I have known about passthough, you know more info, respond this post and lets have some discussions. Thank you.
3 responses
• Howrah, India
17 Apr 13
I also never heard of the passthough. I think the system of linking your phone number to that site like facebook,gmail is also an good idea whenever anyone tries to log in to your account you get an text message instantly from that site.
• Spain
17 Apr 13
I think that's two-factor authentication.
@tiffnkeat (1673)
• Singapore
17 Apr 13
I have so many thoughts that run through my mind every second. Which thought will the device pick up? I hope it is not displayed...or I might be so ashamed to use the computer after that. LOL....
@danix1982 (593)
• Philippines
17 Apr 13
it's my first time to hear passthough, thanks for this information.