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United States
April 17, 2013 11:42pm CST
I just joined Fan Box. I can't believe the money they tell you Has anyone actually received a large amount of money----real money. Fan Box llooks complicsted to me. I feel like discontinuing with them. Should I or should I go on with it and take a chance that this is a legitimate site?
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• Philippines
18 Apr 13
Hi Happielady85! FanBox is a legit site and I have been paid many times. I think you're talking about the IPL feature (I'll Pay Later) which was launched last September of 2012. Why don't you ask your Success Coach and FanBox Teacher to guide you more about that? It's their job to assist you. IPL is like a credit card wherein you'll pay a processing fee for the IPL amount you used or utilized before you can cash out. It's a virtual money that FanBox let members use to earn faster and more than making money for free. It's up to you if you're willing to take the risk. I only utilized the amount that I am comfortable with. Meaning you need to compute the percentage of processing fee together with the IPL you want to use and multiply it to 90 days or 3 months. Earnings will mature 90 days. All members have to wait 90 days before they can cash out. And you must stop using the IPL if you plan to cash out after 90 days. Have a nice day!
• Poland
19 Apr 13
Seriously!..i'd be glad if i can make money on this site,though i really dont know much about it..
@rrallos (10)
• Philippines
18 Apr 13
I also joined that site last February 2013 until now I am active member and my earnings is quite good as a new member. I am now waiting for my earnings to be fully matured for my own to prove that site is legit. I know there are many members on that site already made a cashout for many times because of their proof of payments posted but for me I don't believe until I received my payments.
@lifes97 (884)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Apr 13
i heared this site long time a go and think i know some one joined it and it swas not really good site they are not earning any things so did hear fo any one who get payd also, if you hear pleas tel us