What are healthy habits for children?

April 17, 2013 11:51pm CST
My niece and nephew play with soil and many other dirty things and they didn't listen when we forbade them. They became angry and start crying. They play with animals and eat candies which are harmful for them. We want to keep them away from harmful things but all are vain. Because of these dirty and harmful things they often become ill and the treatment very costly and they also suffer for cough, flu and fever. Does anybody have solution?
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@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
18 Apr 13
i never forbade my son to play outside in the grass and (of course) in the dirt. it's better if he plays outside and engages in physical activity rather than stay indoors and play with the computer. however, i always told him to wash his hands first before he eats anything. it was also imperative that he took a shower in the evening before having dinner.
@marguicha (208405)
• Chile
18 Apr 13
I wholly agree with that. Physical activity is part of being also mentally healthy. Even good social behaviour is learned when you play with other children. Water and soap are a good help and also enough changes of clothes, even if they are not so new or classy.
@dorannmwin (36392)
• United States
19 Apr 13
Honestly, I don't think that it is good to keep children away from everything that isn't really good for them. I think that it is important for children to be allowed to get dirty and have a good time doing it. I do think that children need to be given a lot of opportunities to play outside and be physically active instead of sitting still in front of video games and computers all the time. I also think that children should be allowed to have treats from time to time that are not really good for them.
@tehpau (340)
• Malaysia
18 Apr 13
I think the most useful healthy habit a child must have is to sleep early. This is the one thing we have forgotten as we grow older. Sleep is very important, it gives our body time to rest and heal itself. How many of us stick to this habit? We have forgotten about this long time ago and make our body suffer. I wish I can remind myself each and everyday to sleep early.