Leadership means lonliness

April 18, 2013 9:52am CST
To be a leader is sometimes to be a lonely person, for sometimes you must to decide on your own on which whatever decision you made, the hammer of the disadvantage will always fall to any of the party seeking your decision.
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@mensab (4201)
• Philippines
18 Apr 13
this is not true. this is the traditional way of leaders. now, leaders must employ participatory methods in their decision-making and inclusionary gestures for all stakeholders. they are more of unifying figure rather than divisive character in a group or community. to be a leader is to involve and reach out to others who are left out in the system. leadership means not loneliness, but togetherness.
@honor00 (185)
18 Apr 13
I agree
18 Apr 13
yes i agree being a leader is somehow lonely since there is an authority tobe imposed-rules, expectations, and stiffness and an image to protect and deal things fairly.
@cmania (207)
• Portugal
18 Apr 13
leadership only happens when there´s more than one person maybe a group so it cna´t be loneli unless you want to work alone on your own .. but that wont help you in your leardership. A leader should use all of the ideas of the group and decide what´s best for everyone. Leaders are trustfull that´s hwy they lead they lead everyones opinions in the best way. Maybe there´s a bit of more responsability that differes the leader a bit and maybe that´s what make him "alone"