No guy seems to be perfect for my younger sister? i am paranoid!!!

April 19, 2013 1:49am CST
My sister is an adult now but for me she will always remain a baby. She has told me about her crushes and likes and dislikes in guys but i am soo possessive about he and so protective that no guy seems to be perfect for her.I keep finding faults in all of them and i dont trust any of them that they will take good care of her and trust them Im so paranoid..i should not behave this way and let her make her choices but i just cant help it. I need to do something help!!
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@darkzzt (757)
• Canada
8 May 13
You'll probably like one of the guys one day.
27 Apr 13
let your sister decide on her own for her to learn about life
@dpk262006 (58675)
• Delhi, India
21 Apr 13
Hi! Your position as an elder sister is understandable. You need to keep in mind that no one is perfect and that includes everyone. Take it easy and try to find a suitable match.
@artemeis (4194)
• China
21 Apr 13
I would not regard this to be a paranoia when what you are doing here is a natural maternal instinct - looking out for your sister. Wanting the best for her, ensuring that she does not land herself in some bad situations or people are part of what an elder would and should do where nothing or nobody is good enough for her. While you can take this to be a rightful thing to do as a sister in the name of responsibility, I believe we need to remember the lines each of us have. It is a line where we have to observe for all, where we must never step across the established boundaries. Trusting yourself that you've taught well and done your part may not be good enough but that is life and if we never trust the next step then we will never be able to move forward and allow ourselves to grow up.
@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
20 Apr 13
There is no such thing as ‘perfect guy’. Perfection is a myth. Your sister does not seem to be very wise. But I am sure she will grow up. You need not be paranoid. Some people who are emotionally immature during adolescence or early adulthood later grow up into wise and intelligent beings. They will learn a lot from their petty mistakes. They may even teach others. You ay perhaps feel surprised, but the day may come when you feel that your sister is elder to yourself.
• Philippines
26 Apr 13
i'm younger than my sister but i'm also worried about her love life. I think it is quite normal for us to worry for our loved ones regardless of our age. :) But still, let her be, let her decide for herself. You just tell her what you think and that's it. She needs to learn certain lessons on her own- if it entails suffering consequences it is a part of life. In the long run it will contribute on her growth.
@sbatz72 (17)
• United States
19 Apr 13
Wow, this sounds like all big sisters. I think so anyway. I think big sisters have to be like parents sometimes. Yes, this means like parents we have to cut the apron strings. You mentioned your sister was grown now. Let her move on. Give her the best advice you can about the young men she brings home. But, you need to let her make her own decisions. After all, she is the one who has to live with him.