Earn on fiverr.com

April 21, 2013 12:06am CST
I'm Not sure about earning money on fiverr.com So i would like to sell a gig that is Easy to do and what People would buy. How do I can achieve this? Has anyone of you some ideas for gigs that are Easy to make but People would buy it?
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@varier (5693)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 13
"Easy" is subjective. And if it's too much easy so that every people can do it with less effort, they won't ever hire your gig. If it's easy, why should people pay if they can do it by themselves for free? As for myself, I think article writings with non-strict grammar or simple programming with various languages is quite "easy". I don't know whether it's also "easy" for you.
• Germany
22 Apr 13
Yes, Programming is Easy to do for me.
@varier (5693)
• Indonesia
23 Apr 13
Then create some creative gigs related to your skill: - $5 for website designing - $5 for simple programming homework - $5 for finding bugs on code and the list still goes on..
@vfxgopal (30)
• India
10 Jul 13
This is also Another great site like Fiverr... Super video intros free and gig's simple video logo reveal,videos intros are 5 $ ,some video intros are free FREE..really happy to enjoy this site .. www.introcreator.net is simple and easy to use service provider and buyer bioth
@spasoo (121)
• Malaysia
27 Apr 13
Hi Galbatorix The best way to achieve which is after you create your gigs try to share to your social network such like facebook, twitter, upload image to your instragram and many more. These are the best way to spread your work. Be creative! Good luck and have a nice day.
• India
25 Apr 13
i think sell informative ebook of something like cooking tips... or solve any problem.... it should work... if u have any ebook in ur pc... it will be easy and smart work for u... try it and reply me
@CatGods (4589)
• United States
21 Apr 13
I have gigs on fiverr and a good dozen or so other sites. My gigs pertain to the esoteric arts and sciences. I have a tea oil reading gig, a pendulum reading gig, and a tarot card reading gig. I would say to sell what you know or create some thing weird or bizarre. For ideas look in those types of categories and see what others are offering. Also it's a numbers game. The more gigs you have and different kinds of gigs, the more likely you are going to make a sale.