Can i get married before my brother's marriage?

@Ashokraj (107)
April 22, 2013 12:52pm CST
I have two brothers. They both didn't get married still now. But i want to marry. Can i get married before my brother?
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@jaiho2009 (39148)
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
I just couldn't understand why you cannot marry before your two brothers? Here in our country, it's not a matter of age or who is elder and who is youngest. As long as you are financially capable and matured enough- then you can marry first before your older brothers or sisters.
@pomwango (1353)
• Kenya
23 Apr 13
in the traditional world we are expected to marry or get married in order of birth but with nowadays changing world i think such practises are not easy.we are exposed differently maybe according to work, your social time and such and you cant wait for your brother who has no time to go out and meet people to make his move,i believe when you are ready your brothers should respect your decision and let you move on.
@smart44 (510)
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
if you are ready to get married why not, but some countries have the traditions that older brother or sister will be the one to marry first or else you will give them a gift when the younger brother or sister wants to marry after them, that is respecting them but since we are leaving in a new world or modern world some old beliefs are not following now a days so you are the one to decide you will be getting married.
@ShyBear88 (58155)
• Sterling, Virginia
22 Apr 13
You can get married before your brothers. It doesn't go by birth order who gets married when if you found so,some mad you want to get married then get married.
23 Apr 13
Everyone is entitled to get married, Whether it's now, soon, or in a few years. I wouldn't hold off my wedding just because of a decision someone even family made. Have your wedding when ever you want. Goodluck! Happy mylotting