I hate Exams

@ginnimia (145)
April 22, 2013 11:11pm CST
I am going through exams period , which makes me really frustrated just because i don`t like to go to college everyday.I want to give my all exams in one day but that is not possible :-P .I think the shorter exams period is nice for everyone , giving so many holidays in exams give time to revise but if students havent study the whole year what they can do in couple of days. I wish my exams get over as soon as possible so that i can enjoy my regular days , half of my day passed in exams :( so i don`t get time to turn on internet :((
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@jstory07 (130286)
• Roseburg, Oregon
25 Oct 15
Your exams are important so study.
• Indonesia
25 Apr 13
exams it is sad. I have learned a week before the exam. in Indonesia is a common test I could test every week and it's very annoying
@JUGNUU75 (17)
23 Apr 13
why r u getting annoyed because of exams ...? just enjoy it ...if u will get good marks or good rank then everybody will respect u and on that time u will feel a diffrent type of pleasure which can't be got by any other way...secondly reading will not only enhance ur knowledge but also give a GREAT SATISFACTION before 15 days our MBBS(medical) result was declared and i got 1st rank...it is really an awesome experience...
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
You owe to be thankful for the exam for at least you will knew where you stand. There will be more enjoyment after college and if your working on a white collar job. Don't set your mind like a pauper. Life is beautiful.
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
You should enjoy having your exams and studying hard. These are just some of the little challenges that you will have to encounter in your life so you can prepare for the bigger ones! Exams are a way for you to prepare before you enter the "real world." It's part of growing up. My advice is to cherish those days. Don't think of exams as menial tasks. Someday, I guarantee you're gonna miss having them.
• Egypt
23 Apr 13
same problem here but the worst thing about exams that it makes me unable to sleep at nigh i remmber once i went to be at 1:00am and i slep at 6:00am and my mother woke me up at 7:00am so i couldnt answer anything in the exam but luckily i succeed