How do you know if a conversation is finished?

April 23, 2013 7:35am CST
There have been times, usually when I'm texting, chatting with someone in Fb or commenting on a post, that I don't know if I should stop replying already. I don't know if I should just wait for the person to be the one to end it or if I should be the one to, and if I end it, won't it be rude? There are just times when I don't know when it's time to end the conversation to end. What about you? How do you know if it's over?
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@maggs224 (2357)
• Alicante, Spain
21 Sep 15
Well I do have a smart phone at the insistence of my family. My problem is, I can phone home or answer my phone but nothing else. I have found out from friends that they had sent me a text message giving me times and places to meet them for a coffee. Of course I didn't turn up because I didn't know that I had received a text. Also, I do not have a clue where to look for a text message. If I found a text message on my phone I don't know how to send one back. Why can't people just use their phone as a phone. At least then I could answer them. I very rarely take my mobile phone out with me, and I manage fine without it. So to answer your question I don't do text messages so I don't have that problem. lol...
• United Kingdom
24 Apr 13
A good topic! As to me, it depends on whom I have a chat with. Usually, when I chat with my friends, I would tell them that I have to do other things and finish it, sometimes they finish the conversation by telling me directly too. And sometimes, we just don't answer each other, and it's just finished.
@sunsham68 (1377)
• India
23 Apr 13
Wow. Right on, great topic! I am not sure either and I just assume as the answers get less and less frequent (more and more time between the replies) its fizzling out and sometimes unintentionally when I don't reply, that has been it, so I guess that's the unofficial close to a chat!