movies in home cinema

@cylle_06 (233)
April 23, 2013 8:00pm CST
how much does a movie in a cinema costs nowadays?.. 130php? 150php?.. 3D's would take 350php?...yeah...expensive right...expensive for those who are like me, trying to find extra money..hahaha...but for those who are rich, they can do whatever they like.. anyways, for me, why would i watch a movie in cinema if i can watch it at home or in my laptop.. all you need to have is a television, DVD player, and you can add speakers for sound boost..haha...or you can have laptop and speakers only.. why would i spend 150php-350php just to watch it once or twice if i can download it and watch it unlimited times.. as much as i want.. as many as the sofa and floor can occupy..hahaha...right?...sometimes i can juts buy a dvd or cd which is very cheap.. maybe i'm just saying this coz i don't have money..haha.. i'm sorry for those who's hobbies and interests is watching movie in cinema's..
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@greenline (14858)
• Canada
27 Apr 13
I have not been to movie theatres for a long time now, mainly because of the lack of time. I have been told that the tickets are getting more and more expensive. Might be better to spend on DVD's.
@cylle_06 (233)
• Philippines
29 Apr 13
yeah...true..and with DVD's, we can watch it over and over again.. i haven't been in the movie theatre for quite some time now too... and it's because i don't have money to spare for it..hahaha