United States
April 23, 2013 8:30pm CST
I'm a former teacher. Does anyone need help in grammar or spelling. I can help if you need to re-arrange a sentence. Just simple things. I will be glad to help, if I can.
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@Manasha (2458)
• Pondicherry, India
21 Aug 15
hi I am really interested in learning grammar and hence your discussion would help me a lot
@williamjisir (22883)
• China
29 Apr 13
Hello Happielady. You are so nice a teacher as to be willing to help those with some grammar problems. Indeed, there is so much to learn about English grammar. If we use the grammar correctly, what we say or write makes sense to others. Otherwise, it will mislead our listeners. Thank you for your nice discussion. Have a wonderful day.
@spasoo (121)
• Malaysia
27 Apr 13
Hi Happielady85 Glad to see this post. I wish you're my english teacher. haha To be honest, I love to learn english but when i in secondary school, my english teacher always told me that i got grammer problem. Even till now. haha I wish i can speak fluent english, make foreign friends, talk to them too.
@sbatz72 (17)
• United States
24 Apr 13
I am okay in this department. I went searching online for alternatives to Grammarly. I did find some decent free ones. I also have access to tutors as part of my tuition.
• China
24 Apr 13
hello, a helpful teacher. i am a chinese student , to be honest, i have some trouble in the use of preposition and article. in other word ,i don not kown where they should put and how to use they to write magnificent sentences .could you help me , i will appreciate it .
• Sri Lanka
24 Apr 13
oh god don't remember my school moment every time my grammar teacher blame to me because my grammar mark is so less