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United States
April 24, 2013 3:33pm CST
How is it possible that all states of the world are in debt and getting into debt even more as time goes by. How can states economically grow and grow exponentionally? And how come there are a few people who are richer and richer and richer ? The whole world is in debt so where are the demands are comming from? The debts are growing and growing and nobody ever talks about paying anything back ? So there is a economical crisis and then there is a rich crisis ? So the rich are getting richer by interest payments and the states and the people paying taxes pay more and more for this so there is a tendency money from hard working people flows to rich people. What happens when this does not work anymore? Will people be suppressed made poor and overpowered by the rich? Will there be a revolution in the end? What do you think?
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• Philippines
24 Apr 13
Debt is business and keep us moving, one party is to pay the interest and the other party to earn more. In debts one's established trust and friendship on terms of sharing. In short debtor and creditor's relationship is a way of life and that's it.