What could be the side effects of Excessive Caffeine consumption..?

@GandharD (148)
April 26, 2013 9:08pm CST
I yesterday drank about 200 ml of TZynga Energy drink, which contains 75 mg of caffeine....Later that day, in the evening, I went out with friends, and had almost two bottles of coke.. At night I experienced a lil bit of unusual pain on the back. Is that possible because of this...! I dont know... But im so addicted to soft drinks, i cant resist to drink atleast 1 or 2 a day. It's like a daily compulsary dose to me ! :D
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• Philippines
29 Apr 13
what i know is that when you drink coffee excessively your nutrition might be depleted since when you have coffee you always feel full... and when you feel always full then you don;t really eat and skipping meals means skipping the chance to have healthy food so that is why it may cause nutrients depletion...
@kokomo (1867)
• Philippines
27 Apr 13
I guess we have the same passion when it comes to caffeine consumption. I love soft drinks also and I drink everyday. My lunch and dinner would not be complete without the presence of soft drinks at the table. I must say I am also addicted. lol