iron man 3! \m/ could it be any better?

April 26, 2013 11:02pm CST
Loved Iron Man3..!! Shane Black is the best thing to have happened to the franchise. He just proved that going ‘darker’ isn’t the only way to make the final chapter of a trilogy. It's bigger, funnier and more action packed than the previous two films put together. Ben Kingsley is the villian of the year...what a nutcase of a role.! Robert Dawney Jr \m/..!
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@Shellyann36 (11385)
• United States
27 Apr 13
I can't wait to see the movie! It was filmed at several locations here in NC and I am anxiously awaiting to see if I can recognize any of the locals. From all of the trailers I have seen it will be the best Iron Man 3 yet! Looks as if Shane Black helped to really pull it off. I am glad to hear about comeback stories like his.
• India
27 Apr 13
Yet it is! One of the awesomest action sequences ever.... And those r just amazing locations i say! Wow u live in der? Im blown... I thot most of it was a set! And ayee ayee its a awesomo comback! Go grab d tics asaap ^_^
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
O.o You posted spoilers! :D I have not watched it yet!!! But we will tomorrow! Woohoo!!! I am just so excited this new Iron Man movie. I just watched the second movie a few days ago. I can't wait to see all those Iron Man suits! And yeah, I'm curious with the new villain. Seems like a looney. :D
@rafiholmes (2896)
• Malaysia
27 Apr 13
it could be better.. but i still love it too..especilly when Iron man..or Tony Stark get to use all his Suits..from various MArk's within a short frame of time..during the last action sequence at the ship harbour ..or port..