Why Install Google Toolbar for IE if Installing Chrome as Default Browser?

@mythociate (21455)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 27, 2013 8:26am CST
With my latest Adobe Flash update, there was an option to download BOTH 'Google Toolbar for IE' AND 'Google Chrome as your default-browser' ... huh? Shouldn't that be an either/or-type deal? Why download Google Toolbar for IE if Google Chrome is your default? And why download Google Chrome if you're better-off using IE---better-off enough to install a Google Toolbar there?
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@turbopt (74)
• Portugal
27 Apr 13
Because some sites are designed for only one browser, that´s why I have the 3 most common broswers installed in my computer But for my daytime I use only chrome, the faster in my opinion
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@mythociate (21455)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2 May 13
I tried chrome, and it IS faster ... if your hard-drive is big enough (or something).