Do you have spider veins around your eyes?

April 28, 2013 10:13am CST
I have it around my eyes and it looks so embarrassing, i also have eye bags, it makes me look old and makes me feel less attractive. I'm just wonderin how much it will cost me to get rid of this. we all want to be beautiful, but i dont know the best way to cure this other than going through surgical operation. also are there any natural remedies that could cure this?
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• Malaysia
28 Apr 13
Spider Veins: 1. Age - Nobody prevents 2. Skin diseases - It's all about luck and lifestyle. Pray for your health. 3. Free radicals - You might be exposing to sunlight too much. Try to avoid direct sunlight exposure. This doesn't cost you a cent. 4. Lifestyle - It affects how the veins function. Try to have some anaerobic exercises and try not to smoke if you've smoking habit. We all know smoking affects our veins' functioning bad. This saves you some greenbacks. - Eye vein treatment: you get treated with a long-pulsed Nd-YAG every day. It's not dangerous if you get treatment from a certified dermatologist (if best with laser experience). - Treatment of under eye veins: get into a pharmacy and get a Melarase cream. - Laser for under eye veins: Consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with laser experience. Eye bags: - Switching sleep position: Sleep on your back and add an extra pillow under your head. - Get enough sleep. Hope these help!
• Philippines
29 Apr 13
thanks lot serenelee.. i really love your comments and advices, huge help.