getting back to post pregnancy weight

April 29, 2013 12:19am CST
i have given birth to my first born last January and it's been three months since then and i must say it is not really easy to get back to pre pregnancy weight, I was 90 lbs. before i got pregnant and i balooned into whopping 160 lbs. :/ but though it is really a struggle i don;t really pressure myself about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight because first of all my husband feels happy with ow i look right now, if there is something he wants me to be, that is to be fit and healthy :) But slowly I am losing weight since having my little girl is like a work out too :) also i don;t want to lose weight just for the reason of looking good... instead i want to feel healthy and strong and fit for my family :) my husband never once said I am fat or anything, when I was still pregnant i would always tell him of my weight gain and how i have become so round but he does not really bother, instead he would always tell me he will be more worried if i don;t gain weight while I was pregnant and at the same time round is still a shape :D it's just so bad that i don;t have a personal weighing scale but soon i will get one because i want to really keep my weight on track :) do you have some fitness tips out there?
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