are you a morning, day, evening or night person?

New Zealand
November 22, 2006 9:41pm CST
me? evening
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• United States
11 Jan 07
I'm definitely a night person. I hate mornings. My whole family is on a night schedule, which kind of sux in the real world! lol But if you gave me the choice I'd be up all night and sleep in the daytime.
@brokentia (10393)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I have been an evening person as far back as I can remember. For some reason, I am not one to be fully alert during the day. I would rather take a nap. LOL But at night, I have to try to make myself go to sleep. I will lay there at times just looking out into the dark room. Sure, I will try to stare at my eyelids too by closing my eyes. But that does not make me go to sleep. LOL I remember even as a little girl, my mother would work late. And when she got home in the middle of the night, I would hear her and my dad talking. Sometimes they would go out for coffee and knowing that I was awake, they would sometimes take me with them. At the time, I was one of 5 children in the house. My dad had other kids already grown. But the point is...they took me for french fries when they got coffee because they knew I was awake. I was a night person. Always have been and probably always will be. LOL
@medooley (1874)
• United States
28 Nov 06
I to am an evening person. I barely function in the morning and ine the day I am to busy working, so... The evening is my way to go!
• Singapore
28 Nov 06
i'm a night person....morning, i will feel sleepy. day, it will be too hot for me to think good. evening, i'm beginning to feel better cos i just finished work. night, i'm so alive that i dont want to sleep early..then back to yeah, i'm a night person, definitely!