So was that a wanna be thug?

@uath13 (8192)
United States
April 30, 2013 10:02am CST
I was standing waiting for my lunch at a local restaurant when a group of teen guys walked up. The first placed his order then loudly proclaimed "Cause that's the way I want it!" as he walked off. Moments later I sat down to eat & he sat down not too far away at a table too small to accomodate the group. When one of the other guys picked up their order he walked over to the first he asked if they could move to a larger table to which the first again loudly replied "Just livin my life Man!"... Dude, he asked you to swap tables not your philosophy on life I felt like saying. This continued the whole time they were there with similar outbursts from his "Gangsta" repuituar. The whole time I'm thinking "Where's the true gangster to quietly get pissed off & put a bullet in this guy when you need them?". Surely somebody would have told him how foolish acting like that made him look, the matching clothes didn't help either. This guy had everything but the big diamond studded clock necklace going on. Really...I mean REALLY... You think that's cool dude?
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